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EthDA employs a decentralized DA network for Blob data storage. The DA network comprises of a set of PoS node based on Tendermint consensus, which run DAS to ensure Blob storage, and submit DA attestations to Ethereum L1 for L2's rollup contracts to check data availability and verify proofs. Node rewarding and slash are managed by a set of PoS contracts deployed on EthDA's sequencer network.


A typical workflow of Alt-DA scenario is like below:

  • L2 signs & sends tx with encoded Blobs and versioned_hashes / kzg_commitments / kzg_proofs to EthDA Sequencer, and pays Blob storage fees
  • EthDA Sequencer validates and sends Blobs to EthDA DAS Network
  • EthDA DAS Network stores Blobs, performing DAS, and submits DA Attestations to DA Contracts on L1
  • EthDA tx flows through EthDA CDK components like zkProver/Aggregator, and is rolluped to L1 with ZK Proofs for settlement
  • L2 downloads Blobs from EthDA DAS Network on demand, and sends fraud/validity proofs to its rollup contracts for verification. L2 rollup contracts verify proofs and check DA attestations from EthDA DA Contracts on L1.