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ZK Rollup

EthDA itself is an Ethereum ZK rollup powered by Polygon CDK, and derives security from Ethereum consensus.


EthDA is 100% compatible with Blob structure introduced by EIP-4844. The header of a Blob is the the Kate commitment to the Blob, plus a bit of other miscallaneous data (slot, shard, length proof), and a signature from the proposer; the body of a Blob consists of the original data, the extended data, and the proofs. Below is the detailed structure of a Blob from Vitalik's notes:

Yield Bearing

EthDA's gas token, $ETH, is an rebasable token with native yield. Yield comes from ETH staking and RWA protocols, and is passed back to EthDA users automatically.

Revenue Sharing

L2s that using EthDA as Alt-DA could reward part of their DA fees to their users via EthDA's benefit sharing protocols.

  • L2 user stakes $L2 token (L2's DAO token) to EthDA’s Benefit Sharing Contract on L1
  • L2 chain uses EthDA as Alt-DA, and spend $ETH as gas fee and Blob storage fee
  • EthDA accrues $ETH income for every L2 chain
  • $ETH income from each L2 chain is periodically pooled into Benefit Sharing Contract for their staking users
  • L2 user periodically claims $ETH rewards from Benefit Sharing Contract